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A Beleduc Spatial Recognition Game

Two-dimensional images can be copied into a three-dimensional space, and spatial positions can be understood easily.
The cards are assigned to three levels of difficulty and show scenes and figures in different positions, which need to be copied on the grid board.
Set includes:
? 1 Wooden Box (with a mirror side and a magnetic side)
? 52 Building Blocks
? 1 Card Holder
? 2 Blind Holders
? 30 Picture Cards (3 difficulty levels)
? 1 Base Board (with grooved slits/ grooved grid)
? 36 Wooden Figures (20 wooden figures and 9 half-figures to stand in, grooves, 7 magnetic wooden pieces)

Beleduc, a world renowned developer of quality educational toys for the past 50 years, is now presented in South Africa by Greenbean Toys.

Guided by the principle of Play – Experience – Learn, this German based company creates and develops puzzles, educational games , wall toys, hand-puppets and gross motor equipment all made from high quality materials which meet all international safety requirements (EU toy regulation). These products are distributed internationally in Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

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