Do you get excited to buy our products on our website? Do you worry about “when I click here I got to pay” and you’re not sure what your total is? Well your answer is no you don’t have to worry about that!

How does the process of payment work:

  1. Click on the product(s) you wish to have.
  2. On the quantity (white box) click on the arrow that shows up ,to choose the option on how much you want of that certain product.
  3. And click “Add to basket”
  4. Do that with all your products.
  5. Click on “View Chart”.
  6. It will take you to what you have chosen and where you can see all your product(s) you added to your basket.
  7. Scroll down where you will see “Proceed to checkout” click on it.
  8. Fill in all your details in the forms (white box) Don’t leave fields(white boxes) open – Process will not proceed.
  9. Click on the checkbox if you have read the terms and conditions.
  10. Click “Place order”
  11. An order will be received and an email will be send to you.
  12. We will email you a quote with delivery cost included (if it applies) and you can still decide if you want to accept the invoice or not.
  13. Only then you can EFT the total amount to the banking details on the bottom of your quote.

Let us know if this was helpful in the comment box down below.

Thank you.

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